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Useful Information

A Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

If you work in the motor trade in any capacity, then you need to ensure that your business is protected.This trade insurance is a type of cover that’s specially designed for those working in the motor trade and it provides protection for all aspects of your business.

If you already know the type of policy you’d like for your business then simply click the red button now to get your quotes. If you’d like more information about motor trade insurance then keep reading..

Who is motor trade insurance for?

There are many types of business that can benefit from motor trade or mobile mechanic  insurance. These include –

  • Car showrooms
  • Mechanics
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Vehicle body builders
  • Recovery agents
  • Valeters
  • Delivery agents
  • Auction houses
  • Windscreen fitters
  • Vehicle importers

These are just some of the types of businesses that car trader insurance is suitable for. Basically if you work with customer vehicles in any capacity then you can benefit from getting motor trade insurance.

What are the benefits of this trade insurance?

One of the key benefits of motor trade policies, is that unlike regular car insurance, you’re covered for all vehicles that come into your possession. If you’re dealing with a lot of new cars all the time (as most who work in the motor trade are) then it’d be completely impractical to keep manually adding new cars onto a fleet policy. With car trader insurance there’s no need to do this.

Another very important benefit of this insurance is that it enables you to cover your premises and any cars you work on under the same policy. This type of cover is known as commercial combined insurance.

What types of mechanic insurance cover are available?

Below are some of the main types of cover you can get with motor trade or mechanic insurance –

  • Composite motor - This will provide cover for your vehicles as well as customer vehicles both at and away from your premises.
  • Fire and defined events - This covers your building and its contents for damage by fire or other natural events, such as earthquakes, floods, explosions or lightning. It also covers your building for malicious damage.
  • Glass - This covers damage and breakage to shop front windows as well as any glass shelving or display cabinets.
  • Public liability insurance - It’s always important to have public liability insurance when you work in the motor trade. There are many scenarios where a liability claim could be made against you. For example, if a member of the public were to be injured on your premises or if a customer was unhappy with the work you did on their vehicle.
  • Employer’s liability insurance - Liability claims are not just a risk from members of the public. It’s also very possible that an employee could file a liability claim for unfair dismissal or injury on the job. Protecting yourself against these types of claims is vital.
  • Business interruption - If an event were to occur that you weren’t insured for - say a fire or storm damage - and your business had to shut down for a period of time. Business interruption would ensure that you still receive a cash flow during this period so you were able to get the business running again.
  • Stock, tools and cash - This one is self-explanatory. It will cover your stock, tools and cash for damage, theft and loss.

What are the benefits of getting quotes online?

Below are some of the key benefits to getting car trader insurance quotes online –

  • You will save a great deal of time and could easily avoid overpaying for a policy thanks to the choice of quotes
  • The quotes you’ll get are from specialist providers of motor trade or mechanic insurance who have experience covering all types of businesses
  • Your quotes can be tailored to the exact needs of your business and cover you for any risks you might be concerned about
  • The claims process is quick and simple so you can focus on running your business rather than fighting for a payout
  • You can speak to an advisor to get more information about a particular policy or type of cover
  • You’ll receive instant documentation for your policy as soon as you take it out

How can I save money on motor trade insurance?

When you’re looking to take out a car trader insurance policy for your business, you’ll certainly want to get the best price possible. Below are some of the best ways to do that –

  • Make your premises secure - Making your premises secure is extremely important if you want to keep the cost of your car trader insurance to a minimum. By fitting alarms, CCTV and security lighting, you’ll vastly reduce the chance of your premises being targeted by thieves or vandals. This will in turn reduce the risk for your insurance provider, who’ll be able to give you a better price for your policy.
  • Limit cover options - The more options you have included in your policy, the more expensive it will be. Of course you should always get the cover you feel is necessary but there might be certain types of cover that you can omit to cut down costs.
  • Pay annually - If you can pay for your policy annually rather than monthly then you’ll be able to negotiate a better yearly rate with your insurance provider. Of course a higher initial investment is needed but you’ll certainly save money in the long run.
  • Shop around - Getting quotes from different insurance providers is a must when you’re getting any type of insurance and certainly motor trade insurance. Having access to quotes from different providers will let you know what the average price for the type of policy you want is and you can therefore avoid overpaying.

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