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Fleet Insurance Explained

Whenever you have multiple vehicles to insure, you always have a chance whether to get separate policies or insurance them as a fleet. In nearly every case, fleet insurance is the better option. When you insure your vehicles together, it not only makes it much easier to stay on top of the paperwork but it also works out considerably cheaper compared to getting separate policies. Fleet insurance is suitable for businesses such as taxi and truck firms, as well as individuals and families with several vehicles to insure. A fleet doesn’t necessarily have to consist of dozens of cars. In fact, some insurers will offer company car insurance for as little as two vehicles. If you’d like to find out more about motor fleet insurance then keep reading.

Types of Business Auto Cover

  • Liability cover - Liability cover in terms of company car insurance is particularly useful for businesses that have several vehicles on the road at any one time. If one of your drivers were to injure or kill a pedestrian; or damage someone’s property, then a liability claim could easily follow. This being the case, it’s always a good idea to have protection for liability claims. You can also get cover for claims from your employees.
  • Hire costs after theft - If one or more of your vehicles were stolen or damaged to an extent where they couldn’t be used, then you can have hire costs included in your policy.
  • Third party + third party, fire & theft - If you’re not too concerned about you (or your drivers) being at fault for accidents, then third party insurance can help you keep costs down considerably. Of course, it will only provide cover for third party vehicles when you’re at fault. You can also get fire & theft added to a third party policy for extra protection.
  • Comprehensive - Comprehensive insurance provides protection for your vehicle(s) for all types of accidents, even when you (or your drivers) are at fault.
  • Breakdown assistance - Getting breakdown assistance for your vehicles is definitely recommended. You might already have it from another provider but sometimes you can save money getting it included in a fleet policy so it’s worth checking how much extra it would cost.
  • Agreed valuation policies - If you have vehicles whose market value isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of what they’re worth, then you can request an agreed valuation policy. This is where both you and your insurance provider settle on an agreed amount that would be paid out if one of your vehicles were to be written off.

Types of vehicles you can get cover for

Company car insurance is available for almost all types of vehicles, including –

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorcycles
  • High end cars

The benefits of getting quotes online

There are many benefits to getting fleet insurance quotes online. These include –

  • Save time - By getting quotes online, you can save yourself a great deal of time and stress. The alternative to getting multiple quotes is by calling insurers separately. This of course, takes much longer and while it’s useful in some ways, it’s by far the best way to get quotes.
  • Save money - By getting quotes from different insurers, you can easily compare them and see which provider is offering you the best bang for your buck
  • Quotes from specialist providers - The quotes you get through are from specialist providers. This means they’re used to dealing with all types of claims from individuals, families and businesses.
  • Quotes tailored to your needs - You can choose the exact level of cover you want with a fleet policy that’s matched to your budget.
  • Easy claims process - The claims process is quick and painless and will ensure that you get the money you’re owed when something goes wrong.
  • Instant cover - You’ll be covered as soon as you take your policy out for full peace of mind.

Cutting down costs on business vehicle insurance

When you take out a fleet policy, there are certain things you can do to keep costs to a minimum –

  • Limit cover options - It can be tempting to get an all-encompassing policy that includes cover for every risk you might policy face. However, this will make the costs higher when compared to getting a minimal, third-party policy for your vehicles.
  • Pay annually - Most people pay for their insurance on a monthly basis. This makes sense since it enables you to spread the cost and keep things affordable. If you are able to pay annually though, you’ll be able to make a significant saving on the yearly price for the policy, saving you money in the long run.
  • Be selective with drivers - If you’re getting a fleet policy for your business, then one of the best ways to keep costs down is by being selective with the drivers you employ. Generally drivers over the age of 25 and with good driving records and driving experience are the best type to employ and cheapest to insure.
  • Secure your vehicles - Making the vehicles that are named on your policy secure will greatly reduce the changes of them being vandalized or stolen so you should always take any steps you can to make them secure, including parking them in secure locations.
  • Get multiple quotes - Getting quotes from different insurance providers is one of the best ways to save money on business vehicle insurance and is now easier to do than ever.

Get quotes now

Since getting quotes is a great way to save money on business vehicle insurance, why not go about it in the easiest way possible? You can call different insurers on the phone if you like, but there is a much better way of doing things.. When you click the red button below, you’ll be able to get quotes from a panel of fleet insurance specialist in just a matter of minutes. The quotes will be tailored to your exact needs and can include any type of cover you want. All you have to do is provide a bit of information about yourself and your vehicles and you’ll then have access to the quotes. What are you waiting for?!

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