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Why it’s Important to Compare Insurance

It can be tempting to see insurance as simply being an unnecessary expense and something you might not even end up needing. The reality is that if you have something valuable that you want to protect, whether it’s your property, vehicle or business - then getting insurance is a must.

A good insurance policy will protect you for all the risks you might face. For example, if you own a car showroom then you need to be able to drive a lot of cars legally, protect your premises as well as your tools, stock and cash. There is a special type of insurance for this known as motor trade insurance. This is just one of the types of cover you can get through multiquoteinsurance.com.au

Types of insurance available

Below are some of the types of insurance you can get through Multiquoteinsurance.com.au –

  • Fleet insurance - Fleet insurance is an excellent choice for businesses or individuals that have multiple vehicles to insure. Not only is fleet insurance easier to manage but it usually works out much cheaper than insurance your vehicles separately.
  • Taxi insurance - If you’re an owner driver or you have a taxi firm and want to insure multiple vehicles then this is not a problem. All types of cover are available as well as additional cover options including breakdown assistance and public liability.
  • Landlord insurance - If you own and lease property then it’s vital that you protect yourself with a good insurance policy. You can get cover for all types of property, including unoccupied property and commercial buildings.
  • Motor trade insurance - If you work in the motor trade, whether it’s as a mechanic, valeter or you own a car showroom then you need to protect every aspect of your business. Motor trade insurance allows you to do just this.
  • Motorhome insurance - You can get motorhome insurance to cover you while you’re traveling across the country or even abroad. Protect yourself for risks including accidents, breakdowns and liability claims.
  • Truck insurance - If you drive a truck or own a fleet, you can get great cover from a specialist provider to protect you for all the risks your business faces.

Reasons to compare insurance and get cover online

There are a lot of benefits to getting insurance quotes online. These include –

  • You save time & money
  • Quotes are from specialist providers
  • You can get any of cover you need
  • Quotes are highly tailored
  • The claims process is quick and simple
  • Flexible payment options are available
  • You’ll be covered immediately

Factors that affect cost

When taking out an insurance policy of any kind, it’s always worth knowing what factors affect the cost. Below are some of the big ones and reasons to compare insurance –

  • The level of cover you get - This is an obvious one. The more cover options you have included in your policy, the more it will cost. It’s usually a good idea to strike a balance between your budget and the cover you need most.
  • The value of your property/vehicle - The value of what you’re insuring will also affect the cost of your policy. Of course there’s nothing you can do to change this but it’s worth knowing.
  • The level of risk - Insurance providers will always take into account how much risk is present when calculating the cost of your policy. High value items that are not secure are at the highest level of risk. For example a high end sports car that’s parked on the street is never a good idea.
  • The number of named drivers – If you’re getting any type of vehicle insurance then the number of drivers named on the policy will certainly increase the risk for your insurance provider and therefore the cost of your policy too.
  • Your driving history - If you have a poor driving record then you’ll be considered higher risk by insurance providers and can expect to pay more for a policy.

Ways to save money

Whatever type of insurance policy you’re looking for, there are always steps you can take to reduce the cost. Below are some of the best ways to save money on insurance –

  • Limit cover options - You certainly want to get enough protection to cover you for all major risks when taking out an insurance policy. However if there are certain cover options that you don’t feel are necessary then you can remove then to keep costs down.
  • Make your property/vehicle secure - Whether you’re insuring property of a vehicle(s) you should always make security a priority. Fitting alarms, CCTV and security lighting go a long way to reducing the chances of theft/break-ins.
  • Pay upfront - Paying upfront for your policy of course requires a heavy initial payment but it also enables you to negotiate a lower price overall. Insurers always prefer it when they receive a larger amount of the policy payment upfront so be sure to push for the best price possible if you do decide to pay on an annual rather than monthly basis.
  • Shop around for quotes - Getting quotes from different insurance providers is a must when it comes to saving money. You don’t want to simply go with the first insurer you come across since you could be paying way more than you should be.

Get quotes now

If you’re worried that getting quotes from many different providers will be a lot of work then you needn’t be. In the past you would have had to call around to different insurers and haggle on the phone to get a quote at a reasonable price. Luckily that’s no longer the case and you can compare insurance easily.

You can now get quotes for any type of insurance in a quick and easy manner. All you have to do is click on the red button below and you’ll be able to get quotes from specialist providers in a matter of minutes. You just need to provide a bit of info about yourself and the type of insurance you need and you’ll then have access to you quotes. Click below to get started now!